saturday adventures: ladies in lace

A couple Saturdays ago, my friend Rachel called me while I was out with some friends.

Rachel: What are you doing for the next few hours?

Me: Uh… taking a shower eventually?

Rachel: GREAT, want to come be in my photo shoot?

Me: Why not?

To which she responded with many thanks and a lot of I love yous. (Later she apologized for saying I love you every time she hung up the phone:)

Rachel is a photographer, among other things. Her card says “Community Architect” and it’s completely accurate. When my friends asked who was the girl on the phone, I said, “She’s basically the coolest person I know, but I can’t explain why, which makes her cooler.” Rachel had a vision to do a photo shoot featuring vintage dresses, braided hair, and muted colors.

I’ll be honest. Playing dress up is fun when you’re a little girl. It’s still fun when you’re a big girl.

Here are some of the photos…

Like [rachel joy photos] on facebook to see more of the photos! And check out the behind the scenes video.

PS: This is how spring sounds.

highlights: christmas in utah

We all converged on SLC for Christmas this year. It felt a little more like vacation than a typical family Christmas since I hadn’t been to my parents’ new house. Thought I’d show you the highlights via photo…

First up, the Agnew sorority, as my dad likes to call us.

Utah doesn’t have a great selection of beer (lots of LDS-imposed laws about alcohol) so my parents had my sister and brother-in-law bring a bunch of beer with them from Colorado. My other sister’s boyfriend bubblewrapped two 6 packs of GLBC Christmas Ale and packed them in his suitcase. Hilarious. These are some of the CO beers we had (along with Breckenridge Christmas Ale). Odell is out of Fort Collins, and I really enjoyed the Isolation Ale. Caramel-y and delicious. Wasn’t a huge fan of the Snow Day from New Belgium. People in the Midwest seem to go crazy for Fat Tire, also from New Belgium, but I haven’t quite caught on to the hype.

I finally got to make Meg’s Potatoes the correct way!

We went on a few hikes and saw 3 moose while driving down the mountain after one of the hikes!

And of course, Little Beers. If you’ve never had a Little Beer, it’s a shot of Licor 43 with a “head” of heavy whipping cream. Licor 43 is a liqueur, so it’s actually a very tasty shot.