music mondays: breakfast in fur

This Breakfast In Fur album came out at just the right time. I’d been searching for some dreamy pop to listen to and found myself simply returning to Teen Dream because #beachhouseforever. But also because I wasn’t finding anything new. Enter Breakfast in Fur’s first LP, Flyaway Garden.


I came across them while browsing for new releases, so well done, internet. The album is pretty short, coming in under 40 minutes, but it’s the perfect pick-me-up for this mood-killing cold we’ve had in Columbus. Flyaway Garden opens with “Shape,” a toe-tapping track about holding on to a feeling and moment. But the music is smarter than the lyrics may sound. The layers build up into a well-crafted tumult of head-bobbing sounds.

Unless you’re really into flutes, I will suggest you skip “Lifter,” but “Setting Stone” is another standout track from the album. The song features band founder Dan Wolfe on vocals. He took a vocal backseat on most of the album, but his bristly voice works perfectly over the slightly frantic sound of “Setting Stone.”

You guys might be aware of my inherited love for Neil Young (thanks dad) and BiF does a trippy and strange cover of “Cripple Creek Ferry.” I doubt my dad would enjoy the cover, but I am interested to know why they picked that track to cover, and of course can’t resist the dreaminess of their version.

Thank you, Breakfast in Fur, for making me feel like one day it will be warmer than 10 degrees outside. The album is on iTunes and streaming on spotify.


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