saturday adventures: ladies in lace

A couple Saturdays ago, my friend Rachel called me while I was out with some friends.

Rachel: What are you doing for the next few hours?

Me: Uh… taking a shower eventually?

Rachel: GREAT, want to come be in my photo shoot?

Me: Why not?

To which she responded with many thanks and a lot of I love yous. (Later she apologized for saying I love you every time she hung up the phone:)

Rachel is a photographer, among other things. Her card says “Community Architect” and it’s completely accurate. When my friends asked who was the girl on the phone, I said, “She’s basically the coolest person I know, but I can’t explain why, which makes her cooler.” Rachel had a vision to do a photo shoot featuring vintage dresses, braided hair, and muted colors.

I’ll be honest. Playing dress up is fun when you’re a little girl. It’s still fun when you’re a big girl.

Here are some of the photos…

Like [rachel joy photos] on facebook to see more of the photos! And check out the behind the scenes video.

PS: This is how spring sounds.

saturday adventures: the queen city and a su$hi party

Employment really cuts into my blog time. What it does not cut into is having money to spend.

A few Saturdays ago, I went on a day trip to the Queen City with my friends Sam and Olivia. They just moved into a new place, and wanted to make a trip to IKEA, while making some stops along the way. We somehow deluded ourselves into thinking we’d only be there a few hours, but it turned into more like twelve. After IKEA, multiple thrift stores, Jungle Jim’s, and an antique mall, here are the gems from the Queen City:

I’m pretty excited about this cream and sugar set. I’ve been looking for a set at normal stores, and was jazzed to find these at the antique mall. There are cowboys on the other side.

Also landed this Brownie and Instamatic at the antique mall. Excited about adding to my Pop’s Brownie collection.

This Webster’s Elementary School Dictionary, copyright 1925, is right up my alley.

And I just liked the old school travel iron.

Alright, now skip ahead a Saturday for the… (that says Su$hi Party)

After I got my job, I decided I’d have what I called a “First Paycheck Party.” I love sushi and I love throwing a good party, so here are some highlights in photo:

I provided the fish and asked my friends to bring the other fixins, and I’ve got to say, we made some damn good sushi.

I had to give a demo, of course.

I was pretty excited about my glittery nails. However, the bottle should come with a label that says WARNING: While glittery nails are as fun as having tiny disco balls on your fingers, you’re going to need paint thinner to get this stuff off.

I believe this roll was made by Mr. Martin, neighborhood sushi expert.

I highly recommend throwing yourself a First Paycheck Party when you start a new job.